To jump with us, we will ask you to show a license, a packing reserve card in date and your log book. Your equipment must be maintained within the standards of Swiss Skydive.

The system for automatic activation of reserve parachute (AAD) is recommended but not mandatory (except for students).

With our extensive experience in competition organization and skydiving in general, we offer regularly coaching.


Prices :



Jump to 13’000 ft (not member of “Groupement Parachutistes Suisse (GPS-Bex)”) 45.- CHF
Jump to 13’000 ft (member) 42.- CHF
Pack of 50 jumps to 13’000 ft (member) (40 CHF per jump) 2000.- CHF
Photo 120.- CHF
Video 120.- CHF
Photo and video 150.- CHF


If you are a Swiss citizen and you own your own parachute or borrow one from an acquaintance, you must be insured for the value of one million Swiss francs for damage to a third party.



If you are not Swiss, but wish to jump in Switzerland during your stay, please present proof that your Parachuting Federation covers you with a value of one million Swiss francs for damage to third parties, otherwise contract the following insurance to Have the right to jump in Switzerland.